When do you choose an IgG 1-3 intolerance test?

In our experience, you choose the IgG1-3 test when you experience histamine-like problems or symptoms. These symptoms can vary greatly from person to person; of a feeling of heatspots or overheating in general, redness and / or itching of the skin, hay fever, tinnitus, cough, ear infection, nasal cavity inflammation etc.

See this page for an overview of symptoms and recommended tests.

“When do you choose an IgG4 intolerance test?

IgG4 are mostly infection-related complaints; stomach and intestinal complaints, bronchitis, migraine, depression, eczema, fatigue, exhaustion, arthritis, autoimmune, adhd / add, overweight and other chronic complaints.

See this page for an overview of symptoms and recommended tests.

If you want to discuss your complaints, you can make a call-back appointment with one of our experience experts. You can reach us at 085-0653682.


Urine samples should always be taken in the morning as soon as you get up. This also applies to saliva, do this before you have drunk, eaten or brushed your teeth. Blood samples can be taken at any time.

DThe cause and the removal of your problems can often be achieved in a very short period of time. Of course we can not guarantee that we can find the cause. The screening usually provides a good picture of your current health situation, so that you can actively work on your recovery.

Of course, in healthcare, no-one can give 100% certainty. However, the screening does provide an extensive and accurate picture of your current health situation. In addition, we screen the parameters that provide a picture over a longer period.

You can easily collect blood from yourself with a simple and painless finger prick. A blood collection set is delivered in the collection kit. We only need a few drops of blood for blood tests. So you do not have to go to a prick clinic.


All tests offered are professional tests and are developed and researched in our laboratory. This gives you the certainty that the tests are carried out professionally and the results are market-conform. In addition, it is not only a matter of ‘testing’, but also the correct interpretation of the results and the composition of personal advice.

The tests are unfortunately not reimbursed by the health insurance, even if you have additional healthcare insurance.

You can order any product in our webshop. After we have received your data and payment, the collection kit will be sent to you and your screening will be scheduled in our laboratory.

You can cancel your order as long as the screening in our laboratory has not yet started.

It is of course possible that you change your mind. The collection kit is sealed for hygienic reasons. You can return the sealed collection kit, and after receipt the total amount paid will be refunded to your account within 5 working days. PAY ATTENTION! Has the seal of the screening kit been broken? Then we charge you 25 euros incl. VAT. These costs are then automatically deducted from the refund.

 You will receive a collection kit from us, containing everything you need to send the samples back to us. By means of clear instructions you can easily collect the blood samples yourself. You will also receive the intake form from us, on which you can write all information about your complaints, medicine use etc. The collection kit is delivered complete with clear instructions so that you can take samples in your own environment.

Although you may have already been tested on specific parameters before, we still carry out the entire screening. With the exception of the options (such as minerals and heavy metals), these are always optional. It is important to get as complete a picture of your health. In many cases it is not a yes / no or a positive / negative answer, but a gradation of existing substances or shortages.

As soon as the results are known you will receive the results by e-mail. We only send the results to the e-mail address known to us!

We do not share any personal information or results with third parties, not even at your request. However, we advise you to discuss the results of the screening with your general practitioner, dietitian, physician etc.

We do not store any personal information. Every report is given a unique number. With this number we can always find the report and the results. Please note! We can only send a digital copy of the report to the e-mail address known to us.


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